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Carmen Miranda
Carmen Miranda

Patrons at the Brazilian pavilion's restaurant took special note of “a striking woman wearing a tight turban and brightly flowered dinner dress” who left her table to perform an intricate Samba on the dance floor. This intriguing ingénue? – Carmen Miranda.

The effervescent dancer recently landed a starring role in the Broadway hit “The Streets of Paris.” Although born in Portugal, Ms. Miranda insisted on being Brazilian. She arrived in New York City with very limited English: “I say hot dog! I say yes, no. I say turkey sandwich and I say grape juice. I say money, money money!”

Miranda's version of the Samba caused restaurant patron Everett Jacobs quite some consternation. Jacobs complained: “It couldn’t be. I've been dancing the Samba at El Morocco for months and it's nothing like that.” A few evenings passed.

Carmen and fellow “Streets” performer Jean Sablon, winner of the Grand Prix du Disque and often referred to as France's Bing Crosby, took the floor to demonstrate a true Samba. In a blue and white turban enhanced by a huge bow, the Brazilian bombshell once again wowed the audience. The pair's only miscue? Sablon slipped up smack on the floor during an intricate move.