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Powell Crosley Jr. had but one wish: to build “a practical car that would not only operate at a low cost but sell at a low cost.” He exhibited his dream car at the Fair.

The little machine was ten feet long (compared with 15½ feet from the smallest cars from the major manufacturers), 4½ feet high, weighed less than 925 pounds. Its two-cylinder, aviation-type motor could push 40-50 mph and run on a gallon of gas for 40-50 miles.

There was an adjustable driver’s seat for convenience. This was necessary as Mr. Crosley stood 6'4".

The Fair exhibited two models: a two-passenger convertible coupe for $325 (including a spare wheel, windshield wiper and bumpers) and a four-passenger convertible sedan for $350. Standard colors included blue, gray and yellow — all with red wheels.

Anne Le Bouteller and Alice Andre drove the demonstration cars around the Crosley pavilion, averaging about eighty miles per day. However, occasionally the young drivers took to the Fair’s roadways, causing Oscar Miller, the traffic supervisor, to warn them he would impound any further miscreats.