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Welcome to the World's Fair Newsletter:

Changes to the Gift Shop

All the items for sale in the World's Fair Gift Shop that were "Buy Now," have all been changed to "Add to Cart". The only exceptions are a couple of 3rd party items which are purchased directly from the people who are selling them.

Except for my World's Far book, all items are Free Shipping.

Has anyone else noticed a similarity?

CBS Good Morning
Screen capture of CBS Good Morning TV show.

The CBS "eye" on a yellow background caught my attention the first time I saw it. CBS has been using the "eye" since it made it debut on October 20, 1951.

NBC Booklet
1939 NBC Booklet

But if we turn the clocks back to 1939 and visit the RCA pavilion we find that on Sunday, April 30th, 1939, opening day for the Fair, experimental station W2XBS (later to be know as WNBC) in New York City began regularly scheduled television broadcasts with President Roosevelt's speech opening of the 1939 New York World's Fair.

"Television," a booklet by the National Broadcasting Company, was handed out at the 1939 Fair and seems to have a familiar motif. I think the eye was only the designer's way of associating television as the means of visual communication and never intended it to become their logo. But none-the-less I did find the similarity interesting.

New on the Web

Someone told me that the 1939-40 NY World's Fair was the most merchandised event ever held. I'm not sure it that is true, but if it's not, it must be close to the top of the list.

While there is no way to ever show you all the items that were related to the Fair, you'll find hundreds of them tucked away in the section of the web titled "MISC."

Currently the Misc page is divided into 29 categories. One of the categories is titled "Odd & Ends" where you'll find 7-pages containing the items that didn't fit into one of the main categories.

This month, thanks to Andy Kaufman, Bob Bialo, Shirley Manning, and John Collins a host of new items have been added. In the "New on the Web" section of this newsletter I have listed those new items with a link directly to the image.

There have also been some additions to a few of the pages in the "WF Tour."

Additions to the Misc section


Pennants and Flags

Desktop Items

Coins and Tokens

Buttons & Pins


Playing Cards


Additions to Odd and Ends

Additions to the Zones and Pavilions

Zone 1 - Government

Zone 2 - Community Interests

Zone 3 - Food

Zone 5 - Production & Distribution

Zone 6 - Transportation

People Seeking Information:

Fred Sloviko

Here are two photos of items I was told were in the 1939 World's Fair in a Pabst beer exhibit. Any info would be helpful.

Pabst beer steins
Beer Steins
Pabst Painting
Pabst painting enlarged area

In the "enlargement" you'll see a Pabst sign hanging on one of the buildings. In the lower left corner of the painting it says, "Courtesy Pabst Breweries."

Did Pabst have a presence at the Fair? If yes, where was it located?

Joe Simpson

By chance does anyone remember or have seen work signed by John Joseph Billings, an artist sculptor whose work was on display in the public access area during the 1939 World's Fair?

Thanks, Joe Simpson

If you have answers, contact me.

View the current list of questions. If you have a question email me and I will add it to the list.

The World's Fair Gift Shop

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New postcard additions:

All postcards are $6 ea. - FREE shipping in the U.S.


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