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Welcome to the World's Fair Newsletter:

Happy Thanksgiving

This is the beginning of the Holiday Season starting off with Thanksgiving at the end of this month.

Personally I have much to be thankful for, especially all of you who visit and contribute to the memory of the greatest Fair ever held.

Thank you,

Perisphere Ponderings

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A Look Into "The World of Tomorrow"

"The World of Tomorrow" offered intelligent predictions of what the near-future would look like. While General Motor's Futurama out-shown all others, the fair corporation housed its vision, Democracity, within its iconic Perisphere.

Read: A Look Into "The World of Tomorrow" Link button

Reactions to "The World of Tomorrow"

A look at what people were saying about "The World of Tomorrow."

Read: Reactions. Link button

The Trylon & Perisphere

The Fair's planners realized marketing the fair was essential for success and needed a recognizable "trademark" to do so. Following a number of unsuccessful attempts, the designers created THE iconic masterpiece of the Thirties - the Trylon and Perisphere.

Read: Trylon & Perisphere Link button

New on the Web

Hughes Industies Poster

Last month I showed you this poster.

Thomas Brown emailed me with the following information:

"Respectfully, the Hughes poster with the flying people isn't real. It was created for the 1991 movie "The Rocketeer" directed by Joe Johnston. In the film Hughes develops a rocket belt which the hero uses to perform rescues. It's one of several clever 'authentic' touches in that movie, such as having the hero flying a Gee Bee racing plane"

Thomas also sent a link to a forum which shows the "rocket pack" Link button

Submitted by Rita Kuhn

I received 10 photographs from Rita Kuhn which she found in an old album. The photos are in: More > Misc > More Fair Photos > 10 B&W Photos from Rita Kuhn Link button

Submitted by Jean Kweskin-Siegel

Hughes Industies Poster

Jean posted this image on the World's Fair facebook page a couple of weeks ago and I thought it was worth adding it to the website.

Thanks Jean

Jean posts regularly to the 1939 NY World's Fair facebook page but also has a wonderful group page titled: New York City in Old Photos and Postcards and More! Link button

New Souvenir Images on the Web


Leave it to Roll-Oh

Produced by the Jam Handy Organization

Tongue-in-cheek film showing a domestic robot freeing housewives of their chores (and intimating that their work is hardly necessary); actually a promo showing how relays and switches function in the modern automobile. Shown at the New York World's Fair in 1940.

Original Source Prelinger Archives

Run time 8:42
Sponsor: Chevrolet Division, General Motors Corporation

People Seeking Information:

From Eugenia Hobday
boat ride

We have a photo of my grandmother & her mother standing at the front of a covered flat bottomed boat with straight back chairs along each side. Behind them are other people. Above their heads is a sign: 'Viva El Amour'. Are you familiar with any boat rides at the 1939 World's Fair? Could this be associated with the Cuban Village?


View the current list of questions. If you have a question email me Link button and I will add it to the list.

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