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ATTENTION: World's Fair Collectors

Andy Kaufman presents the 28th World's Fair Auction.

Bidding is open for the World's Fair Auction which closes on Tuesday, September 13th at 10pm EDT.

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The 1939-40 New York Fair isn't the only one, Andy has items from the 1851 Fair through Expo 1986 and a section on Modern Fairs, as well as a reference material section.

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Perisphere Ponderings


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Planning Your Visit to the World of Tomorrow

A trip to the Fair was unlike any other vacation in 1939. The sheer magnitude of "The World of Tomorrow" required careful planning to navigate its many wonders.

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Attendance at the World's Fair

On April 30, nothing seemed impossible for "The World of Tomorrow." But by early June, the fair corporation managers felt jittery. What was going wrong with all of their lofty ambitions?

Read: Attendance at the World's Fair. Link button

Experiencing the World of Tomorrow

Few visitors to "The World of Tomorrow" realized the fair planners of today often manipulated their fair- going experience.

Read: Experiencing the World of Tomorrow Link button

New on the Web

Jewish Palestine Catalog
Catalog Cover

Thanks to David Matlow of Toronto, Canada for scanning the complete Jewish Palestine Pavilion catalog.

The exhibition and sale took place on September 27th through October 27, 1940.

I've put the entire catalog on the web so you can see the items that were offered for the sale.

1940 Jewish Palestine Pavilion 24-page Catalog Link button

The Lobsterman

Lobsterman: courtesy of Matthew Malina

Sculptor Victor Kahill of Portland was commissioned to create the Maine Lobsterman with Maine's participation in the 1939 New York World's Fair, as a commemoration of Mainers who have dedicated their lives to fishing. It was the centerpiece of the Maine section of the Hall of States.

H. Elroy "Snoody" Johnson, a Bailey Island resident and lifelong fisherman, who frequently visited the State House to participate in discussions regarding fishing policies, was the model for the statue. The lobsterman kneels while pegging a lobster (banding a lobster claw). The pose reflects some artistic license as lobstermen typically stand when pegging lobster claws and would commonly wear a sou'wester (the classic broad rim waterproof hat, usually yellow). Read the entire story on Maine's Page in the Court of States.

New Images on the Web

Smoking Relate Items


Desktop Items


Jewelry  (New Category)

General Motors - New Horizons

In 1939 GM produced a film titled "To New Horizons" which takes you through a tour of Futurerama.

Here's the a link to "new Horizons" on so you can view the film. The run time is 22:59. You can also download the film from the Archive site in a variety of resolutions ... enjoy.

People Seeking Information:

From Steve Wanta

I have found a China,(as in dishes), miniature pitcher or cream holder. I can't find any information about it anywhere. It has printed on it 'Rail road BLDG N.Y.W.F 1939 with a picture of the building in the center. On the other side it has a banner that says, 'Turkish Pavilion NY World's Fair. On the bottom it has the #A-1247, a word I cannot make out, then the word 'China' then ACP. Co.. If anyone could give me some information on this piece I would appreciate it.

View the current list of questions. If you have a question email me and I will add it to the list.

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