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Perisphere Ponderings

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Racism: Hope for a Better "World of Tomorrow"

As with every institution in the Thirties, the New York World's Fair struggled, often unsuccessfully, with on-going racism in America. Stereotypes continued to cloud the issues of employment, representation and the presence, or lack, of blacks on the fairgrounds. Yet, "The World of Tomorrow" did offer some hopeful signs for the future.

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Fair Feet

Weary fairgoers often complained of a new malady – fair feet.

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Attending "The World of Tomorrow" meant a great deal of planning for the fashion conscious, especially where comfort was concerned.

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Trylon Tidbits

Trylon Tidbits

Small pieces of news and interesting information compiled by David J. Cope.

This month I've added some new Tidbits for the Amusement Zone.

I have moved most of the Food Zone Tidbits from the main page to the appropriate Pavilion's page. So far the following have been moved.

Philip A. Medicus films
Reel 1 - Part 2

Philip Medicus filmed the Fair in color on Kodachrome. These films can be found on YouTube and on the Internet Archives. There are a total of 17 of the Medicus films which I will add to both my YouTube channel and here on the World's Fair Website.

Presented here is the second of the seventeen, Reel 1 - Part 2.

The silent film has a run-time of approximately of 21:31 minutes

Below the movie is a list of the attractions and their approximate time location.

Time   Subject
Merrie England
Old New York


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