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Perisphere Ponderings

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Billy Rose told the press the Aquacade contained the three things he most admired: sex, sentiment and curiosity. “Eleanor Holm in a tiny wet bathing suit is worth a hundred Sally Rands with or without bubbles ...

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AT & T

When planning their pavilion for the fair, Bell Telephone Laboratories selected one of their own – the very experienced John Mills – to design their displays. Mills served nearly thirty-years in the Bell system, having worked on the first transcontinental telephone in 1914 and the first transatlantic phone a year later...

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The Magna Carta

Great Britain exhibited its foundational “Great Charter” at the fair, emphasizing the Anglo-American friendship so desperately needed in the tumultuous times prior to World War II. ...

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Trylon Tidbits

Trylon Tidbits

Small pieces of news and interesting information compiled by David J. Cope.

New Tidbits for May

People Seeking Information:

If you have any information that may help answer the following questions, please contact me so I can put you in contact with each other. ... thank you.

From J.C. Elliott

I collect Singer Sewing ephemera and machines that were exhibited at the various fairs and expositions. Can you tell me about Singer's part in the New York World Fair 1939-1940 if any? They had their home office in New York.

From Helene Witcher

I believe my aunt Heloise Russell-Fergusson, aka Madame Scotia, a professional singer in Gaelic and player of the Clarsach (Scottish harp), may have performed at the fair. Is there any route whereby I might confirm this? For example, was there a specifically Scottish section?

From Jim Baer

I am looking for someone who knows about Clarence E. Hunt wood carvings. I have six of his scene carvings passed down from Grandfather. One of the carvings has a label that says it won first prize at 1939 World's Fair. Any help in finding someone that has information about these would be greatly appreciated.

From Gary Martin

I am looking for information on a display by Lone Star beer company that was supposedly on display at the 1939 World's Fair. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated.

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Philip A. Medicus films
Reel 2 - Part 2

Philip Medicus filmed the Fair in color on Kodachrome. These films can be found on YouTube and on the Internet Archives. There are a total of 17 of the Medicus films which I will add to both my YouTube channel and here on the World's Fair Website.

Presented here is the fourth of the seventeen, Reel 2 - Part 2.

The silent film has a run-time of approximately of 19:37 minutes

Below the movie is a list of the attractions and their approximate time location.

Time   Subject
The Public - Amusement Zone
Sun Valley
Crystal Palace
Parachutte Jump
Victoria Falls
Black Musicians
Crystal Lassies


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