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Perisphere Ponderings

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Congress of Beauty

The Herald Tribune summed up the whole sordid affair: “The daring publicity stunt stage in the World's Fair amusement loop on Sunday afternoon, May 7, to call attention to N. T. G.'s “Congress of Beauty” seemed a lively idea at the time, but nothing except woe, trouble and disaster have followed in the wake.”

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General Electric

Patrons entered a space with copper-lined walls, both inside and out. A glass protective screen separated the audience from the stage. And then five technicians, in a control room suspended above the hall, set forth.

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Philip A. Medicus films
Reel 4 - Part 2

Philip Medicus filmed the Fair in color on Kodachrome. These films can be found on YouTube and on the Internet Archives. There are a total of 17 of the Medicus films which I will add to both my YouTube channel and here on the World's Fair Website.

Presented here is the eleventh of the seventeen, Reel 4 - Part 2.

The silent film has a run-time of approximately of 21:37 minutes

Below the movie is a list of the attractions and their approximate time location.

Time   Subject
Great Britain
Ford - NYC Building

People Seeking Information

NOTE: Your email address will not be published with your question. Anyone having an answer or information should contact me and in turn I will pass along the information including contact information for both parties.

From Alan Mercer

RE: Wall of Death

I am in the process of writing a book on Joe Dobish and have a couple of stumbling blocks at the 1939 event. Have you anything in writing as opposed to pictorial that puts Joe and his wall there in 1939 and do you think there was a second wall at the event. Attached a clipping related to Pelaquins that I cannot accurately date and suspect he did not work for Joe (besides Joe no longer had his lions in 39). Also have you heard of a lion escape at the 39 event ?

Cheers Alan

Trainer ls Bitten on Leg Taking a Lion for a Ride

Motorcyclist at Fair ls Hurt in Rehearsal for Act

Joseph Pelaquin, thirty-seven years old, a professional motorcycle rider, employed at the Wall of Death concession in the amusement area of the World's Fair, suffered severe wounds on the calf of his left leg yesterday when he was bitten by a lion he was training for his act, according to a report of the medical center at the Fair. After emergency treat1nent by Dr. Lloyd Orben at First Aid Station No. 3 at the Fair, Mr. Pelaquin was taken to Flushing Hospital.

The accident occurred during a rehearsal period. Mr. Pelaquin was attempting to induce the lion to enter a cage placed inside a car to be driven at high speed around the “rollerdrome” area in the concession. The lion balked and bit the driver on the leg.

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