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Welcome to the World's Fair Newsletter: December 2015

Merry Christmas to one and all.

Merry Christmas to one and all.

May your holiday season be filled with good cheer and good friends.

Thank you for being a part of the 1939 NY World's Fair.

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From "Today at the Fair"

'Squirmers' Get Attention at Man Booth

Volume 179, page 6, October 28, 1939
The Man Building in the Production and Distribution Zone.
The Man Building in the Production and Distribution Zone.

Almost every type of person and thing is featured somewhere in the World of Tomorrow, and at the Cooper Jockey underwear exhibit in the Man Building it's the "squirmer" who get the spotlight.

The booth for the Cooper concern is a leader in the movement to "free men from underwear trouble." They also emphasize how inside dress is every bit as important as external.

Food at the Fair. Artwork by Peter Arno
Food at the Fair. Artwork by Peter Arno

The highlight of the whole display are six Peter Arno Cartoons . One can't appreciate how interesting underwear can be without seeing these drawings by the famous artist. The cartoons show the disastrous results of "squirming" at the wrong time.

Among the scenes are those of a male fishing, horseback riding, putting on the golfing green, playing cards, attending a social function, and finally the importance of remaining still while in the barber's chair.

While I was not able to find any of the artwork displayed at the Man Building, here is an example of Arno's work on the cover of "Food at the Fair."

New on the Web

Plate: Courtesy of Pat Bieber
Plate: Courtesy of Pat Bieber

From Pat Bieber of Ohio comes this beautiful 6" plate. I find it curious that there is a handle (center right) on the plate. What was this used for?

The plate's image has found a permanent home in the Misc. Plate page.

Powder Case

Powder Case

Back in April 2013 David Woodie sent in a photo of this Power Case.

The other day in the mail, my dear friend Cathy Scibelli, sent one to me as a gift.

I find the construction interesting. The bottom and the top ring are made of a magnetic material (iron or steel), the feet are a copper plated magnetic metal while the body is not magnetic. I am not sure what it is made of.

If anyone knows more about this item, I would appreciate learning about it.

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