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Welcome to the World's Fair Newsletter: July 2015

Way ahead of schedule, this site has been completely re-coded to work on desktops and mobile devices.

You will find that most images are now larger than before, especially the ones that offer a larger version when clicked on.

I have tried to make sure that the site is error-free, but I'm sure that there are still some errors. There are about 60,000 links in the site and although I've run a link-checker and it reported that there are no broken links, there still may be some bad links. If you find one, please let me know. Be specific as to its location so I can find it and fix it.

I would greatly appreciate your input:

  1. Are those pages working on your current device?
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  3. What, if anything, would you like to see different?

New On the Website

World's Fair Cigarette Case
World's Fair Cigarette Case
Courtesy of Cathy Scibelli

This leather cigarette case was made to only hold 6 to 8 small cigarettes like Lucky Strikes, Chesterfield, Camel, Phillip Morris, and several others that were available at the time.

The image for the case has been added to "Smoking Related Items.

New Images

Amusement Zone
Bendix Lama Temple Photo 296
New York State Amphitheater Photo 341
Old New York
Election time in Old New York - photo 329
International Curio Shop - photo 331
Haymarket - photo 335
P.T. Barnum's Museum - photo 328
Hanlon's Superbus - Beautiful girls - photo 336
Mamma Jessel's Delicatessen - photo 332
Merrie Old England
Courtyard - photo 337
Highland Home Industries - photo 330
Castle Entrance - photo 338
Community Interests
Schlitz Palm Garden - Photo 297
Jewish Palestine Pavilion - Photo 298
Cafe Tel Avive - Photo 313
Court of States
North Carolina - Photo 284
Georgia - Photo 351
"Celestial Sphere" Photo 352
Texas - Photo 355
Nevada - Photo 358
Florida - photo 357
Drake's Cakes - Photo - 356
Academy of Sports - Photo 364
Switzerland - Photo 274
Japan - Photo 276
Ireland (Erie) - Photo 289
Chile - Photo 290
Brazil - Photo 295
Great Britain - Photo 302
Production & Distribution
Man and His Clothes - Photo 299
Glass Inc - photo 359
US Steel at night - photo 360
General Electric - Man-made Lightning - photo 363
Hall of Nations
France - Photo 274
Lebanon - Photo 343
Norway - Photo 244
Siam - Photo 345
Hungary - Photo 346
So. Rhodesia - Photo 347
Turkey - Photo 348
Lithuania - Photo 349
Pan Am  - Photo 350
Dominican Republic - Photo 353
Mexico - Photo 354
Chrysler Motor Corporation - photo 327
Crowd at the Demonstration Track Photo 288
Jimmy Lynch "Death Dodger" at Goodrich Photo 326

AT & T - The Voder

I had some additional information on the Voder kicking around on my computer. I'm not sure where I got it but I thought it was time to add it to the site:

Pheww....Well, between the re-coding and the new images, you can see why I haven't had time for the other related Fair things.

I hope you enjoy the changes and new additions.

People Seeking Information:

Take a look and see if you can help these people find answers to their questions. View the current list of questions. If you have a question email me and I will add it to the list.

Daria Phair asked about an egg-shaped container containing sewing items, a 1940 pin and a thimble. You will find the entire question, photos, and my reply at "People Seeking Information  - June 2015."

1939 World's Fair Newsreel

Courtesy Periscope Films


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