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Welcome to the World's Fair Newsletter: November 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

The Holiday Season is upon us and I thank you for being part of the tribute to the 1939 New York World's Fair which I started in 2002.

Without people like you the website would not continue to grow and be a source of information and enjoyment for everyone.

I wish you, your family, and friends a very Happy Thanksgiving.

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From Last Month

How to Get to the Fair Grounds from Manhattan

Stamp Booklet Cover
Map Cover

"A Sightseer's Map of Manhattan"

Ron Freeman commented on getting to the Fair by automobile:

"In the section on bridge access to the Fair, the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge is conspicuous by its absence! That bridge, completed in 23 months, opened to traffic on April 29, 1939 the day before the 1939 World's Fair opened on April 30th! I will always remember the thrill of that first glimpse of the gleaming white Trylon and Perisphere in the distance, as we drove over that bridge!"

New on the Web

Tony Sarg Scarf
Tony Sarg Scarf

Heather found this wonderful Tony Sarg Scarf and is willing to sell it. If you are interested in purchasing the scarf, contact me and I will pass your info along to her and give Heather your email.


From Evan Driscoll at Studio Hades / Acheron Mint

See You at the Fair

I am fascinated by World's Fairs in general, but the stark futuristic architecture and teardrop shaped automobile designs of the 1939 World's Fair particularly. Also it happened at the end of the pulp era which is another of my favorite periods.

For the last few years I have been doing trading card sets of the eras between 1910-1955, and this time I decided to do World's Fair set to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the last day of the fair. The series, SEE YOU AT THE FAIR, is what I think a set would have looked like if it were released in the late 1930's by gum card manufacturers like Goudey or Gum Inc.

It focuses on people that the 10 year olds of the era would already have cards of, or were interested in. Plus robots and teardrop shaped cars. One card represents the San Francisco expo of 1939. (Ok, maybe a 10 year old wouldn't have a topless card of Sally Rand, or a Salvador Dali.)

The set is now crowdfunding on Kickstarter, is fully funded as of the first day but I will be adding cards to the set as stretch goals are reached. The set is planned for released in January,

NOTE from Paul: I'll let everyone know how to purchase the cards as soon as I receive the information from Evan. For now, check out the link to Kickstarter ... take a few minutes to watch the video.

People Seeking Information:

Take a look and see if you can help these people find answers to their questions. View the current list of questions. If you have a question email me and I will add it to the list.

From Richard Siegelman

"Do you know if there's any way for me to find out if my now-deceased mother (Rosalind "Linda" Laster) swam in the 1939 World's Fair Billy Rose Aquacade ? I THINK she did, but I'd like to authenticate my belief. Thank you."

From Mary Snellings

I have a 1939 New York World's Fair miniature book, when you open it the pages are like a centerfold do you know anything, about it?

If you can help Richard or Mary contact me and I'll pass along the information.

The World's Fair Gift Shop

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Visit the Gift Shop to purchase many items from the 1939 NY World's Fair.

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