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Welcome to the World's Fair Newsletter: October 2015

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Stamps: Constitution and World's Fair Issues

Published by The Sun, New York
Stamp Booklet Cover
Booklet Cover

With the celebration of the United States Constitution Sesquicentennial from 1937 to 1939, the holding of the New York World's fair and the Golden Gate International Exposition in 1939, many nations saw fit to issue stamps to note the event and the good-will existing between them and the United States. The Sun has compiled all available information about these stamps and presents it for the first time in booklet form. (text from the inside cover of the booklet)

The booklet has three sections; The first is a listing of the stamps, the second is a description for each country and information about the stamps. The remainder of the booklet is for advertising.

For those interested in the stamps here is a link to a PDF file containing the entire listing for Constitution Issues, World's Fair Stamps, and Golden Gate Exposition Stamps. The list gives the Issuing Country, face value, issue date, and the quantity issued.

This information can also be found in the Misc. section under stamps

Booklet courtesy of Cathy Scibelli.

How to Get to the Fair Grounds from Manhattan

Stamp Booklet Cover
Map Cover

The following is part of the brochure "A Sightseer's Map of Manhattan" donated by Cathy Scibelli. When you look at the cost, don't get too excited, here is the cost in 2015 dollars.

  • 5¢ = $0.91
  • 10¢ = $1.82
  • 25¢ = $4.54
  • 40¢ = $7.26
  • $3.50 = $ 63.54

The 2015 price was calculated using the "Cost of Living Calculator" found on the American Institute for Economic Research's website.

By Subway

8th Avenue (Independent) Subway (from 53rd St. & Fifth Ave.) service direct to Fair. Running time 25 minutes; fare 10¢

B.M.T Subway (from 49th St. & 7th Avenue) to Queens Plaza (Long Island City); there transfer to B.M.T World's Fair – Flushing Line trains. Time 22 minutes by express direct to World's Fair Station; fare 5¢

I.R.T Subway from Grand Central and Times Square stations; 24 minutes by express; fare 5¢

By Railroad

Long Island R.R. from Pennsylvania Station; direct trains; time 10 minutes; fare 10¢

By Bus

Gray Line Motor Tours, Inc. (from Gray Line Terminal, Time & Life Bldg., Rockefeller Center) conducts a 5 hour tour, price $3.50 including admission ticket to Fair, tour of Fair and return on a Fifth Avenue bus.

W. F. Transportation Corp.-Express bus service from 5Oth-5lst St. terminal (West of 6th Ave.) every few minutes. Running time 30 minutes; fare 40¢.

Manhattan & Queens Bus Corp.-Buses from Capitol-Greyhound Terminal between 5Oth & 5lst Sts. near 8th Ave.

Fifth Avenue Bus- Number I5 goes over Queensboro Bridge to Fair Grounds; fare 10¢.

By Water

Hudson River Day Line-Cruise to Fair, three times daily - 9 :30 A.M., 2 :00 P.M. and 7 P.M. ("The Moonlight Sail") from West 42nd St. pier. Itinerary goes up Hudson River to George Washington Bridge, return down river, cruise in Harbor, then up East River to Whitestone Pier, connecting there with bus for Fair. Cruise fare $1.25; bus 10¢.

Driving Own Car

In own car-Use either Queensboro Bridge or Triboro.

Via Queensboro: go East on 57th St. to bridge ramp, just beyond 2nd Ave. This route leads to Fair by Queens Boulevard.

Via Triboro: (25c toll) (less congested, more interesting views) proceed north along East River Drive to 125th St. Ramp leads directly on bridge; parkway direct to Fair.

People Seeking Information:

Take a look and see if you can help these people find answers to their questions. View the current list of questions. If you have a question email me and I will add it to the list.

From Jill Kaltenhaler

A friend showed me the quilt his grandmother sent to the 1939 World's Fair as part of a competition sponsored by Good Housekeeping magazine and Macy's. Do you have any information on that on that portion of the fair? The quilt owners have all the documentation of their quilt being displayed there but would like to add any other interesting details or photos for family records. Thank you.

If you have any information please contact me.

Frank Berg asked:

Primo Art plaque ad
Primo Art plaque ad

"I was wondering if anyone has any of the plaques that were made by Primo Art Co. For the fair his Company was based on Rhode Island , he was contracted to make them."

Frank found a photo of the ad to show what he is looking for.

If you can help with information please contact me so I can relay the information to Frank.

Thank you.


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