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The Belgium Pavilion - Bells for Peace Project
Vann Memorial Tower of the Belgian Friendship Building taken May 2012 under restoration. It is being prepared to receive a carillon. Photo courtesy Dianne Watkins, President, Bells for Peace.

The Belgium Pavilion - Bells for Peace Project
The Belgium Pavilion a gift to the Virginia
Union University, in Richmond, Virginia.

Bells for Peace - Phase 1 completion
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Information sent out by Bells for Peace (2011)

Completion of Phase I - the Electronic Component (PDF)

Bells for Peace Resolution (PDF)

Connecting the Dots (PDF)

The Belgium Pavilion - Bells for Peace

The building was a gift to Virginia Union University, in Richmond, Virginia from the Belgian Government because of the university's location and mission.

The first stone was laid on June 19, 1941 and completed in 1942. Currently the Belgian Friendship Building Vann Memorial Tower has an empty belfry. It has been without a voice for 60 years. Its original carillon, while in New York, was given to Herbert Hoover for his humanitarian efforts in Belgium after WWI. These bells ring from Hoover Tower of Stanford University.

Bells for Peace, Inc. is an IRS approved charitable, non-profit, tax-exempt organization under 501(c)(3). They are hoping and praying that through the generous donations of people who care about preserving this wonderful piece of history they will once again hear the tones ring from the bell tower.

Bells for Peace, Inc. will:
(1) purchase a new set of 14 tower bells and tower clock immediately (Phase I). They need to raise $800,000 as they also need to

(2) obtain funding for complete restoration and preservation of the Building (Phase II). The important building is in great disrepair and decay and is not representative of the US Treasure and Virginia Landmark that it is.

(3) work with the university and the illustrious Bells for Peace Board of Directors to develop a new school of International Studies that will include endowed chairs, fellowships, scholarships, student and faculty exchanges. (Phase III)

For more information and the history visit:

Bells for Peace

Contact Bells for Peace, Inc.

E. Dianne N. Watkins
President and Founder Bells for Peace, Inc


P.O. Box 27371, Richmond, VA 23261-7371
(804) 359-3009