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Georgia's Exhibit in the Court of States was housed in a building which showed the uncompromising colonial architecture of the deep South.

Within the building the visitor found historical exhibits that began with Sir James Oglethrope, English philanthropist, who dreamed of and planned for his fellow men a refuge from the poverty of old England on the fat soil of the New World. In a colony founded upon benevolence and brotherhood, he beheld the true Utopia. That particular dream failed, but now Georgia looks again towards the future, the Utopia once more looms on the horizon, for Utopia is only the sum total of what you are determined to secure. Various exhibits display gold coins and gold nuggets, a complete line of minerals and cotton goods, ceramics, and the abundant wild life that makes Georgia a sportsman's paradise. A detailed exhibit demonstrates the conversion of Herty slash pine into wood pulp and paper, a process which promises to contribute much to the prosperity of the State.

(Text from the 1939 Guide Book.)

Georgia Pavilion - NYPL
Georgia Pavilion
Photo courtesy of the New York Public Library
Family photo courtesy of Leonard Thibadeau
Family photo courtesy of Leonard Thibadeau of his mother, Carol Williams Thibadeau in front of the Georgia Building.

Photo 351, Georgia courtesy of Arie van Dort
Photo 351, Georgia courtesy of Arie van Dort