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The "Theme Exhibit," the "Court of Tourism," and the "Hall of Development" comprised the three sections of North Carolina's Exhibit in the Fair's Court of States.

The Theme Exhibit, desighed to look like an artist's palett, bore the inscription: "North Carolina, the Balanced and Colorful State." A perfectly balanced rotating sphere, colored with the many hues of the spectrum, gave imaginative illustration to this theme.

In the Court of Tourism, a new exhibition device - the Triorama - depicted the recreational attractions of this "Variety Vacationland." Hunting, fishing, and camping facilities of the Great Smoky

Mountains Nation Park were portrayed there by beautiful color projectionss

The twelve figures of heroic size in the "Hallof Development" symbolized the economic accojmplishments and the unusual business opportunities of the State. Two extensive relief maps were prominent features of the Exhibit.

(Text from the 1939 Guide Book.)

North Carolina Pavilion Pavilion - NYPL
North Carolina Pavilion
Photo courtesy of the New York Public Library
ID: 1679745
Photo 284,North Carolina courtesy Arie van Dort
Photo 284,North Carolina courtesy Arie van Dort