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At the time of the Fair, Arizona had been the last state admitted to the Union, in 1912. The state's vast deserts, mountains, canyons, Grand Canyon National Park, its rich gold, silver and copper deposits, and its Native American folklore all were depicted in the Arizona state building. All of the displays provided visitors with the opportunity to learn and enjoy.

Arizona in the Court of States
Arizona - photo 014

"Celestial Sphere"

By Paul Manship. It is a replica of The Woodrow Wilson Memorial at Geneva, Switzerland, also sculpted by Manship. The original is on the grounds of the Palais des Nations, part of the current United Nations (formerly League of Nations) Headquarters there, and it has appeared on the stamp, UN Geneva 153 and UX10 postal card.

Celestial Sphere
"Celestial Sphere" Photo L001 - from the private collection of Dr. William R. Hanson

Celestial Sphere
"Celestial Sphere" Photo 352 by Arie van Dort