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The exhibit demonstrates the scenic beauties of the Colony and describes its leading industries - tobacco-growing, gold, mining, and agriculture. Material on Rhodesia's early history shows how Cecil Rhodes developed the country through the British South Africa Company. A diorama depicts the impressive hill of granite- the Matoppos- in which lie the Empire-builder's remains. You see large photographs of the enigmatic Zimbabwe ruins, where- according to legend gold was smelted centuries ago for King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. An impression of an enormous cascade of water covers an entire wall; its purpose is to draw attention to Southern Rhodesia's exhibit in the Amusement area where a huge replica of one of the world's greatest wonders-the famous Victoria Falls- is in operation

THOUSANDS of tourists have seen the Victoria Falls in Southern Rhodesia which measure one and a quarter miles wide by 387 feet high- twice the size of Niagara Falls.

The mammoth replica of Victoria Falls measures 186 feet long by 22 feet high, and over its man-made precipice a torrent of 60,000 gallons of water a minute roars with a voice of thunder. Natives in Africa named these mighty Falls, "Mosiotunya"-"Smoke that Thunders"- but David Livingstone, the first white man to see them, named them "Victoria," after his Queen.

The replica is an authentic reproduction within the limits of human artistry, and is noted for the beauty of its setting in the lush, jungle atmosphere of the Rain Forest, where, amid the tropic vegetation and trees, small animals and birds live freely. The amazingly lovely colors, changing in the sky from dawn to midnight, must be seen to be appreciated.

Here, in a form never attempted before, there is wrought a replica of the world's greatest wonder-a highlight of the New York World's Fair- and we confidently recommend all those who would see, perhaps the most interesting exhibit at the Fair, not to ·miss a spectacle which will remain long in the memory of every visitor. (Location opposite the Parachute Jump.)

(From the Official Guide Book.)

Southern Rhodesia  - Hall of Nations
Photo 347, So. Rhodisa courtesy of Arie van Dort