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Gary Urbanowicz, a New York City Fire Department Historian submitted some photos of two of the Ambulances that were assigned to the New York World's Fair.

The Fair had six fully-equipped and staffed first aid stations, five ambulances and a truck with a portable X-ray machine.

Loudonville's Flexible Co. Ambulance
Loudonville's Flexible Co. Ambulance inside the Helicline

#3423 Engine 331 (second section), Engine 333
1939 New York World's Fair Ambulance

Quote taken from Bloomberg: Read the article:" Deadly 1939 World's Fair Bomb Remains Unsolved", by By Lewis Lapham (Saturday, June 26, 2004).

New York City detectives Joe Lynch and Freddy Socha were assigned to the Bomb and Forgery Squad just before the opening of the 1939 World's Fair. ... An electrician saw an unfamiliar overnight bag in the control room of the British Pavilion, heard ticking and brought it to his boss. Not knowing what to do, they took the bag and walked through the crowded building in search of the head of security, who was standing guard over the Magna Carta. He called the police and carried the bag outside.

When Lynch and Socha arrived, following procedure, they cut open the bag. The resulting explosion killed them both instantly and injured many others.

Brian McGuckin sent in three photos of his mother, Margaret Fleming who worked as a nurse at the Fair.

Margaret Fleming - Nurse
Nurse Margaret Fleming
Margaret Fleming with an unidentified
ambulance driver.

Margaret Fleming bending over the body of one of the dectives killed by a time bomb
Margaret Fleming is bending over the body of one of the detectives killed by a time bomb that was left at the British Pavilion July 4, 1940. In the background the second detective is being carried off.

When Brian asked his mother why she was bending over the detective she replied, "I was saying a prayer for him."

Margaret Fleming ID Card
Margaret Fleming, RN - ID card.
A family member removed the ID photo.

John McGurkin - security
John McGurkin worked Fair Security. Photo taken 1938.

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