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Constitution and World's Fair Issues

Published by The Sun, New York
Stamp Booklet Cover
Booklet Cover

With the celebration of the United States Constitution Sesquicentennial from 1937 to 1939, the holding of the New York World's fair and the Golden Gate International Exposition in 1939, many nations saw fit to issue stamps to note the event and the good-will existing between them and the United States. The Sun has compiled all available information about these stamps and presents it for the first time in booklet form. (text from the inside cover of the booklet)

The booklet has three sections; The first is a listing of the stamps, the second is a description for each country and information about the stamps. The remainder of the booklet is for advertising.

For those interested in the stamps here is a link to a PDF file containing the entire listing for Constitution Issues, World's Fair Stamps, and Golden Gate Exposition Stamps.

Booklet courtesy of Cathy Scibelli.

Memo from Great Britain (link to Hansard)


HC Dec 09 May 1940 vol 360 c1412W

Sir M. Sueter asked the Secretary to the Overseas Trade Department whether any special steps are being taken to arrange for the sale of the new issues of stamps at the British Pavilion, New York Fair?

Mr. Shakespeare Yes, Sir. In collaboration with the General Post Office my Department has made arrangements whereby 100,000 stamped envelopes addressed to the British Pavilion at the New York World's Fair will be on sale to the public in the International Centennial Stamp Exhibition which has been organised by the Fair authorities. Of these envelopes 98,000 bear the 2½d. centennial stamp, while the remaining 2,000 bear the full centennial issue of six stamps. The envelopes were so posted as to obtain the cancellation date of the first day of issue, which was 6th May, 1940.

Submitted by: Anthony Rainbird, UK

Scott catalog # 854
Scott Catalog # 854

Printed in bright red-violet, commemorating the sesquicentennial of the inauguration of George Washington as the First President of the United States.

Washington is shown taking the Oath of Office on the balcony of Federal Hall in New York City. The stamp was printed on a Flat Plate press in plates of 200 with four panes of fifty stamps each.

Scott Catalog # 853
Scott Catalog # 853

This deep purple, three-cent stamp bearing the famous Trylon and Perisphere, symbol of the Fair, was printed on a Rotary Press in plates of 200 with four panes of fifty stamps each.

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