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All of Coty's perfume creations were displayed in the Hall of Perfumes. Other displays demonstrated the role of decorative arts in modern cosmetic packaging. The base of the Star Pylon can be seen at the right of the photograph.

Maison-Coty Cosmetics
Maison-Coty Cosmetics - photo 037
Trylon Tidbits

Henry Beckett warned his male readers: “Except as a revelation of what a woman really is like, this exhibit hall is no place for a man. It is a powder room. It is the nearest thing to a boudoir and the languorously soft music that drifts down from nowhere should be enough to put a fellow on his guard.”

The famous Coty powder pox topped the pavilion and the air-spun powder it advertised was made on the Fairgrounds.

A motion picture, “Symphony of Fragrances,” with Shubert’s “Unfinished Symphony” as background music, explained how Coty products were developed.

Maison-Coty Cosmetics and the Star Pylon
Maison-Coty Cosmetics and the Star Pylon - photo MO78 - from the collection taken by John Ott courtesy of his grandson Michael Ott.