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Lillie Tossas, Dancer

Ms. Tossas was a headliner in the Havana Madrid in New York. She had signed a contract with movie producer Cecile B Demills, but a tragic accident left her blind in one eye and ended her acting career.

Many thanks to Lillie Robinson for sharing these wonderful photos of her mother. They help bring a very personal touch to the memories of the 1939 New York World's Fair.

Sadly, Ms. Tossas passed away in 2008.

Photos of Lilly Tossas, courtesy of her daughter, Lillie Robinson.

Here is a photo of Lilly (on the right) and other members of the show from the Cuban Village seated in one of the Life Savers gondolas at the parachute attraction.  (1940)

Lillie and friends at the Parachutte Jump
Lillie and friends at the Parachute Jump
Lillie and friends at the Parachutte Jump
Enlargement of the riders