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From time-to-time I have been asked if I know anything about objects related to the 1939 New York World's Fair. Unfortunately, I know very little, so I thought it would be a good idea to ask you, the viewers for some help.

Below are items that need identification and information. If you know something about them, please contact me so I can pass along the information to the person who asked me for help.

New York Central Cutout

New York Central Cutout
From Felix Maestri
January 30, 2013
Read more about this item

Coal Breaker

Coal Breaker
From Eddie Appnel

Here is a photo of a model coal breaker that was made by my great grandfather, Walter Urban Kiesinger. Supposedly, it was an exhibit at the 1939 Worlds Fair. The model went on to tour many other fairs, etc., I'm curious to know if it ended up in a museum somewhere.

More photos of the Coal Breaker, information, and some comments.

World's Fair Rug

World's Fair rug
World's Fair Rug

John and Darrell Lindig are looking for any available information about this "award winning" rug from the Fair.

Click here for more photos, additional information and contact informtaion.

Signed 1939 Guide Book

signed 1939 guide book
Courtesy of Randy Richter
January 26, 2013

This signed 1939 guide book was donated to the World's Fair Historical Society.

The signatures are from people wishing Art Hines good luck in the future. Sort of reminds me of a year book, but it appears to have been signed long after the Fair closed. What are your thoughts?

View the signatures

Read some observations about the book

Communications Building Plaque

communications building plaque
Communications Plaque

Debbie Rae wants to know more about this plaque. It's measures 7" x 5".

John Schlee wrote (Aug 2013):The plaque is made from Syroco wood, consisting of sawdust and other wood 'stuff'.

A platter of the T&P recently sold for $15. My guess is that this piece might bring a little more because it's rarer.

Either contact me or if you have any information.

Unidentified Group

unidentified group
January 20, 2012

Joe Bly sent in this photo with the following comment:

"I am sending this email in regards to a photo I came across while shopping in Alexandria Virginia. The research I have been able to do has turned up no leads as to whom the people in this photo are. I am inclosing a scan of this photo. Id be very grateful if you could shed some light on this".

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