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These are the items that have been on the site for a while, but we are still seeking information about them, so iIf you know something about them, please contact me so I can pass along the information to the person who asked me for help

Contact me so I can pass along the information.

Railroads on Parade Poster

1939 NY WF printed cloth
Railroads on Parade Poster

Suzanne in New Hampshire sent this image of a Railroads on Parade poster from the Fair.

Suzanne's hobby is researching but has not been able to find another poster like this one, nor has she had any success in finding anyone who knows anything about this particular poster. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Click here for a larger photo, more information .

'39 New York World's Fair Board Game

1939 New York World's Fair unidentified board game
World's Fair Board Game

Found at a garage sale, this game looks like it could be a prototype board game.

View additional photos of this board game and an possible answer.

World's Fair Cotton Cloth

1939 NY WF printed cloth
Cotton Cloth

This item is a printed cotton cloth with a red rick-rack hand-attached/sewn border. It is the layout of 1939 New York World's Fair.

The cloth is 34-1/2" x 35" and has a 17" vertical repeat of pattern.

View additional photos the fabric

World's Fair Lamp???

World's Fair Lamp
World's Fair Lamp

Ted sent in this photograph of an art-deco lamp. He was told that it came from the 1939 New York World's Fair, but there doesn't seem to any markings on the lame indicating that is actually came from the Fair.

I am not sure where the bulb goes, but looking at the photo, I think a bulb goes inside the top column of the lamp, making it a "night-light" of sorts.

If I get more information on the lamp, I'll post it here. Meanwhile if you reconize this item please send a e-mail to Ted at:
He plans on having it restored so any information would be appreciated.

Wood Carving

1939 World's Fair unidentified wood carving
Wood Carving

On the back there is a remnant of a label which is difficult to read but it does identify the New York World's Fair 1939. Also written in black paint on the back is: "cooperation with governments."

The boy is holding a hammer and what looks like a gear, the girl is holding what looks like some cut grain. The father has either a piece of wood or document in his hand. All are barefoot except for the father.

View additional photos of the carving

World's Fair Rabbit?

1939 NY WF  WPA  Rabbit
WF WPA Rabbit

Chris Andersen sent in some photos of this rabbit.

Was it a World's Fair item?.

Visit the rabbit page for more details and photos of the rabbit.

Thanks for the help.

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