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T & P on wolrld's Fair Playing cards

Sealed deck of playing cards
playing cards revenue stamp
The law taxing cards was passed in 1894 and lasted in some form or other until 1965.
Courtesy of Bob Catania

World's Fair Bridge Pad
World's Fair Bridge Pad - Courtesy of Andy Kaufman

"1939 New York World's Fair Picture Bridge Pad" with Trylon and Perisphere along with spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs across the bottom. Inside are 30 full pages pictures of the buildings at the fair with a heart, diamond, club or spade in each corner, followed by 32 pages for scoring bridge games.

Souvenir Views
Images of the World's Fair and New York City

Deck of World's Fair Playing Cards
Deck of World's Fair Playing Cards
The United States Playing Card Co., Cincinnati, U.S.A.
Courtesy of Randy Richter

Deck of World's Fair Playing Cards
Deck of NY World's Fair Playing Cards
Courtesy of Cathy Scibelli

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