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1939 New York World's Fair - Government Zone Map
Map of the Government Zone.

The Government Zone was divided into three sections. The first section, which was spread over the entire zone, contained the buildings that were erected as stand-alone pavilions for the individual country. A few were constructed in other zones of the Fair. Cuba was located in the Amusement Zone, Sweden and Turkey were in the Food Zone.

The second section was centrally located around the Lagoon of Nations. There were seven groups of attached buildings collectively know as the "Hall of Nations." Each of the buildings was divided into separate exhibit halls that housed the displays and information for a particular country.

The Court of States comprised the third section of the Government Zone. Here too, not all the exhibiting states were present. Florida was located in the Amusement Zone on the southwest side of Fountain Lake and New York owned the Amphitheater on the lake's west side.

Numerous events were held on the Court of Peace, included here are photos of an Equestrian Performance and the story of the Haskell Guard.