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If you are looking for information about something that was at the Fair and I do not have the answer, your question will be added to this page in hopes that someone will have an answer or be able to give you some direction.

NOTE: Your email address will not be published with your question. Anyone having an answer or information should contact me and in turn I will pass along the information including contact information for both parties.

April 2017

From Jim Baer

I am looking for someone who knows about Clarence E. Hunt wood carvings. I have six of his scene carvings passed down from Grandfather. One of the carvings has a label that says it won first prize at 1939 World's Fair. Any help in finding someone that has information about these would be greatly appreciated.

From Gary Martin

I am looking for information on a display by Lone Star beer company that was supposedly on display at the 1939 World’s Fair. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated.