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The Electric Utilities Exhibit Corporation presented visitors with a farm complete with livestock and gardens. In this exhibit, a demonstration of more than 100 practical electric conveniences and inventions did all the work efficiently and economically.

Electrified Farm
Electrified Farm - photo 061

Lamp Fixture for the Milk Bottle
Lighting fixture to turn the milk bottle into a lab without
damage to the bottle itself.
Image courtesy of Karl R. Anderson

Press Release Album

Electrical Utiliies Photo Album
Press Release Album

View the Press Release images collected by Vernon F. Clifford during his employment at the Electric Utilities Pavilion and donated by his daughter, Barbara Burns for display on this site

The album contained photographs and press releases for both the Electrical Utilities Pavilion and the Electrified Farm.

Electrified Farm Milk Bottle
Milk bottle from the Electrified Farm.
Image courtesy of Karl R. Anderson
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